PARE Professors


Satoshi Koike

Graduate School/Research Faculty of Agriculture Research Faculty of Agriculture Fundamental AgriScience Research Animal Science 
Research field
  • Life sciences / Animal production science

Major research field

I am engaged in research on why cattle are able to grow by consuming a roughage diet only. The most important clue lies in the way microbes function in the digestive tract of cattle. My research is aimed at identifying the mechanism behind the way tiny microbes work together to support the nutrition of large cattle, thereby helping to develop a more efficient way to produce milk and meat that will also ensure humans and livestock have no need to compete for diet in the future.

Expectations for students planning to participate in the PARE program

Be ambitious! If you aren’t sure whether or not you should try something, I strongly suggest that you take the initial step.

Your most memorable school event thus far

The event that impressed me most was the Spring School held just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Though we had to drastically adjust our schedules in the field, I vividly remember the smiles and tears of the student participants who managed to ride out the challenges with us. In the future, I hope they will be confident enough to face difficulties head-on even if they encounter different unexpected situations in the future.

Expectations for expansion of the program going forward

While it has become possible for people to handle various matters online, I hope this program will continue to serve as a vehicle for participants to realize how important face-to-face interactions with people are. At the same time, I think it is imperative to improve the content of online teaching materials.