How to Apply

5 STEPS to apply PARE program

STEP1: Attend PARE Orientation

Application for PARE Program (Summer School and Spring School) will be available every spring

  • PARE Program Orientation schedule: April - May

STEP2: Prepare application form and document

Read Brief Guideline2018 of PARE Short program Download Application form 1, 2, and 3 from website Fill in Application form and make a copy or get original of document required

PARE Short Program (Summer/Spring) documents required

  1. Application Form with Photo (3x4 cm, Color&Clear, taken within 6 months) Form1 Sample
  2. Study Plan (only page 1) Form2 Sample
  3. Self-Assessment Sheet Form3 Sample
  4. Photo copy of student card
  5. Photo copy of passport if apply Spring School
  6. Official Undergraduate (Copy) / Graduate (Original) Transcript

Introduction to PARE 2018 PARE2018 Schedule


STEP3: Submit documents

Prepare documents required and submit to your own faculty office.
(In case of the number of applicants exceeds the quota, result will be considered on the applicants’ English ability and GPA)


STEP4 : Accept / Reject

PARE central office will send Accept/Reject by e-mail in May.



After accepted by PARE central office, register “Introduction to PARE” and “Summer/Spring School” through website.

However, “Introduction to PARE” and "Summer School (Field Work Training&Seminar I) is 1st semester, please follow your faculty's registration schedule to register.

Summer School: register 1st semester (Field Work for PARE I, Seminar for PARE I)

Spring School: register 2nd semester (Field Work for PARE II, Seminar for PARE II)

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